Summer safety with Banana Boat
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Summer Safety in the Country

Our favourite thing about our new house is the outdoor space! When we lived in the townhouse in the city, we ended up spending a majority of our time inside. It just took way more effort to play outside.

Now that we have acres of land to call our own, the kids have their own personal playground and are getting fresh air for hours a day. Whether their jumping on the trampoline or playing with the chickens, we’re soaking up a lot more Vitamin D then we ever have before! Some days we even do our schoolwork outside, because why not?

Summer safety with Banana Boat
Freedom to run, jump and play!

Summer Safety in the Country

Because we spend so much time outside, it’s extra important that our children are safe. We put up a fence to keep away the Bears and Coyotes. Yes, we regularly see Bears and Coyotes where we live! We keep an eye out for plants that could cause stings and scratches and avoid suspicious berries. And we slather on Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Lotion before they head out on their adventures.

summer safety with simply protect
You know what’s awesome? When your kids get to an age where they can do it themselves!

The Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Lotion formula is from the brands new line and covers babies, kids, and adults. You simple choose the formula that fits best with your life! It has 25% less ingredients than before, includes no parabens, oxybenzone, or added fragrances or oils. It’s also tear-free and gentle on your childrens skin.

Happy girl!

Quite simply, Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Lotion works on my kids and for my family. Whether they’re swimming at the lake or running through a sprinkler, if that sun is shining down on them, I don’t have to worry about it. It’s just one of the ways we do summer safety now that we live in the country.

What are your Summer Safety tips?

This post is in partnership with Banana Boat and their Simply Protect line. I only promote products that I trust and use in our own home. 



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