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5 Sunscreen Spots You May Be Forgetting

It is hot out there, friends! The sun is blazing and we are in the heat of the Summer! We parents tend to prioritize putting sunscreen on our kids, because our natural instinct is to protect them. Often we forget to protect ourselves though. News flash – Moms get sunburns too! Consider this your reminder to lotion yourself up before going outside!

When it comes to putting on sunscreen, it’s easy to quickly spray some on our shoulders, nose, and our chest, but we’re actually missing critical areas; areas that are more prone to melanoma then you may realize. Here are a few to watch out for:

1. Your Scalp
If you aren’t going to wear a hat (which I highly recommend), be sure to get some screen on the exposed areas of your hairline. The top of your head is constantly in direct sunlight and it can result in a painful burn.

2. The Tops of Your Feet
It’s easy to forget about your feet, since they’re in shoes most of the time. Sandals are not going to protect you, and half the time you end up kicking them off and frolicking in and out of a pool anyways.

3. The Front and Back of You Knees
As you float on that tube in the pool, your legs are taking a direct hit from the sun. The reflection of the water actually makes it even worse, so make sure you’ve sprayed both front and back of your knees!

4. The Back of Your Neck
Covering your neck with sunscreen may seem obvious, but it’s often forgotten. We do our backs, our chest and our face, but completely forget that small area between the bottom of our hairline and our shoulders. It’s even exposed when you’re wearing a t-shirt!

5. Surgical Scars
Have a surgical scar on your body? Those bumpy or pinkish marks are actually more prone to sun damage, so it’s very important that you cover those in lotion when in the sun!

For convenience sake, I like to use Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport sunscreen spray. It’s a 50+ SPF, water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes. It’s also really light weight without that overly powerful sunscreen smell.

Like I said, my priority is to get the kids covered so they can get outside and play. That’s why I love the ease and rapidness of the Simply Protect Sport spray – it only takes me a minute. Don’t forget to protect yourself, Mamas!



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