Raising Little Humans

These Mama Arms

This afternoon my toddler was terrified to go to sleep for his nap. There’s been a lot of construction happening directly in front of our complex and when the rumbling and loud noises start, he gets very upset. As I sat in the nursery rocking him in our chair with a blanket, I thought of how much good can come from our Mama arms. They contain such strength, beauty and power and we often fail to realize it.

These Mama arms do a lot of heavy lifting. They scrub sinks, change diapers and load laundry into the dryer. They chop up fruits and veggies for tiny tummies, refill sippy cups hour after hour and lift children in and out of their highchairs and carseats. They hold newborns, toddlers and preschoolers – leaning them on our hips, burping them on our shoulders and balancing them all while attempting to complete other activities.

These Mama arms create. They sculpt clay snakes, colour in books and show their littles how to hold a pencil and write. They make dinners, build tents and decorate spaces where children can learn, dream and imagine. They demonstrate their love through actions, days in and day out.

These Mama arms are powerful protectors. They have the ability to chase away nightmares and fears. They can ease the pain of sadness and sickness with just a hug. When in Mama’s arms, nothing can harm our babies. For a few moments, they are shielded from the suffering that surrounds this sometimes big and scary world.

Do you even realize the comfort, joy and protection your Mama arms provide? They give so much stability for our young children and we don’t even seem to notice it most of the time. One day our kids will stop running to us and wanting us to protect them, so let’s be sure to appreciate every hug, every cuddle and every opportunity we have to use these Mama arms for the good of our children.

These Mama Arms are really something… Don’t you think?



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