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I Think It’s Time To Wean

Time to wean

It’s come sooner than I thought, but I think it’s time to wean our one year old.

I’m a Mom who loves to nurse! I’ve done so with all three of my babies, each for a different period of time. Noah enjoyed six months of my milk, but I ended up having health issues and needed surgery. As a first time Mom I was pretty proud of myself for making it that far. Asher nursed for almost 16 months. He had a lot of health issues and very few teeth, so it was a natural solution to his tummy issues.

Over the past few weeks, nursing Ella has gotten increasing difficult. At first I thought our issues were teething, but now that those have popped through and I’m still in pain, I think there’s more to it.

Ella already has ten teeth and it’s caused a changed in her latch. She’s not biting me, but each and every time she nurses I can feel her teeth scratch against my nipples. Though I use to enjoy her time at the breast, I now almost dread it. I brace myself for the pain it’s going to bring. I’m sore all the time! I’m also exhausted.

She’s lost a bit of interest in my milk, but not in latching to my breast. She uses me for comfort which is completely fair, but it’s become extreme. She gets very angry if I tell her no and will tantrum at any other attempt to calm her. She grabs and pulls at my tops and keeps me awake at all hours of the night. I feel as though it’s time she learns a bit of independence.

Last night I ended up sleeping with my boys in their bunk bed simply for relief. I’ve been getting my husband to put her back to sleep a few times during the night, and for the most part she’s fine with it. If I’m close by, she naturally wants to nurse. She doesn’t need the milk, though.

There is a certain amount of sadness that comes with weaning, especially because she’s my last planned baby. Could I tough it out for a few more months? Probably, but I’m choosing to focus on the positive! I’ve done a great job with her! She’s gotten a full year of Mama milk and she’s healthy and thriving!

I’m looking forward to is gaining a bit of freedom back with this transition. I’ve spent the last five years of my life being pregnant and nursing, and I’m eager to focus on things other than sleepless nights and nursing shirts. I’m excited for the opportunities that this will allow – like more dates with my husband and the ability to read a book once the kids are in bed.

The process will be a gradual one. I plan to start by cutting out the night feedings and then slowly drop the day ones. It’ll probably take a month or two. We’ll do it gently and naturally.

Don’t be sad for me, friends. I’m genuinely okay! It’s simply time, and I don’t want to hang onto something because I’m feeling nostalgic over my baby growing up. Growing up is a good thing and we’ll share many other wonderful bonding experiences!

It’s time to wean!



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  • Sarah Schultz

    You’ve done so good! That’s a lot of dedication and we all get to a point (at least most moms I talk to) where we want our bodies back for ourselves! I intentionally started weaning my first two with the introduction of solid foods. By 9 months they were only nursing when they woke up from sleep and went to bed, by 12 months I had them down to morning and bedtime nursing. Then I started BCP which pretty much completely dried me up and 1 weaned 1 week past his birthday and the other shortly after 14 months. I’m not sure what I’ll do with Jonathan…just see where our journey takes us. I have no intentions of nursing a toddler, but never say never I suppose!

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