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Daylight Savings | Tips for the Time Change with Kids!

I’ll never forget the biggest time change I ever dealt with. I was 19 and had flown to Europe for three weeks of travel with some friends. My days and nights completely flipped around and all I wanted to do was sleep. When I returned home, I woke up at 4:00am for a week. Can you imagine dealing with that time change with kids? It’s why we haven’t ventured to Europe with our littles yet!

spring forward - time change with kids

As we stare Daylight Savings in the face once again, I’m thankful we’ve only got one hour to worry about! That said, a time change with kids can still be a real struggle. Especially when they’re too young to understand what’s happening.

Kim West, also known as “The Sleep Lady”, has some tips to help worried parents get through this ‘Spring Ahead’ time change.

  • Slowly Shift Bedtime – A few days before Daylight Savings kicks in, begin to gradually shift bedtimes by 10-15 minutes. This makes for an easier transition as opposed to a sudden change
  • Celebrate Sunshine – Exposing the kids to a minimum of 30 minutes of sunshine a day will really help with the adjustment, so get out in the fresh air and open those blinds! If your child is one who loves to sleep in, you’ll want to make sure they are waking up at the new time each day.
  • Don’t Forget About Naps – Now is not the time to mess around with naps, begin rescheduling naps according to the new time so that they aren’t overtired come bedtime.

Sleep is so important for everyone in the families well being! You want to minimize those wake ups as much as possible so that the moodiness stays at a minimum (for both baby and you!) Implement these tips so that you can make the transition as smooth as possible.

time change with kids
Dealing with the time change with kids isn’t fun, but the longer days are sure wonderful!

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This time of the year is worth celebrating! It means brighter nights and more fun outdoors. Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait!


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