To Err Is Human - So Why Are We So Angry All the Time?
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To Err is Human, So Why Are We All So Angry? | Moments in Mommyland

To err is human…

Can we be honest for a second and admit that we’re a bunch of failures? We screw up a lot. I make mistakes. You make mistakes. Our kids make mistakes. Your Mother makes mistakes. Not one of us are perfect and there’s always room to grow into better people.

If we’re all aware of this fact, why is it that we continue to feel let down by those around us? Why do we get so upset when someone disagrees with our opinion or doesn’t follow through on something they said they would? And why do we allow one persons choice to dictate our emotions? Why do we take it as a personal attack?

I admit that I’m an idealist. I envision things to go a specific way and when those expectations aren’t met, I’m disappointed. I feel frustrated that this person didn’t handle┬áthe situation the way I would have. Why didn’t they say the things I deem to be right or take the action I believe they should have?

This is where hurt begins to fester and turn into anger and where disagreement turns to argument. We gossip in groups, end friendships and shun others we no longer deem worthy of our company. We give people the silent treatment or we yell, hoping to make them feel the pain we feel. It’s as though we almost believe such a reaction will ‘teach them a lesson.’

That is not what Jesus would have wanted. We’re going about this all wrong!

To Err is Human

To Err Is Human - So Why Are We So Angry All the Time?

We need to extend more grace. We need to be more patient. We need to forgive quicker. We need to take a step back and truly look at the situation from a different perspective before getting so offended and upset.

Whether we’re frustrated because our kids won’t seem to listen or whether someone has done us severe emotional or physical trauma, we need to try and remind ourselves that we’re all screw ups. None of us are perfect. We’ve all hurt someone else, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. Yes, I truly believe we can forgive someone but decide that it’s best to keep a safe distance so that they do not continue inflicting pain in your life.

It’s time to take a good hard look at the way we’re living our lives and ask ourselves whether we’re causing others pain by our behavior.┬áThe world is becoming a continually darker place. Let’s try and be a light of love and kindness, even to those we may not agree with.

It starts with me.




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