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Easing the Transition with Tommee Tippee Pump and Go System

Our nearly one year old has done a lot of growing up over the past few months! She now eats three meals a day plus snacks! However, we aren’t ready to say goodbye to the goodness of breastmilk!

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go System
They grow up so fast!

Breastmilk is awesome because it’s packed full of nutrients and antibodies that help keep our little one healthy. It lowers her risk of getting asthma and allergies, and nursing babies tend to have less ear infections and cases of diarrhea. If my body is still making milk and my baby wants it, why would I stop giving it to her?

That being said, this Mama needs a break! Now that she’s willing to drink from a sippy cup, it’s time to start introducing breastmilk in a different format. This is where the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go System is going to come in real handy!

Tommee Tippee wants to simplify the lives of nursing and pumping Mothers. They created their Pump and Go System to provide the ability to pump, store, warm and feed, without losing one precious drop of that liquid gold!

Easily pump and heat up your milk for baby!
Easily pump and heat up your milk for baby!

The all-in-one starter set comes with pre-sterilized Pump and Go pouches, so that there is no risk of contamination in the transfer process. The breast pump adapter allows you to connect to your favourite pump (whatever brand that may be) and they’ve included their award winning Closer to Nature nipple for Mom’s who may be nervous about nipple confusion.

When you’re ready to heat up the milk, simply take it out of the fridge or freezer and place in the bottle and pouch warmer, which will heat it to the perfect temperature! Want to save the pumped milk for later? The breast milk storage case will neatly and conveniently protect up to 12 pouches!

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go System storage case
The storage case can hold up to 12 pouches in your fridge or freezer!

Did I mention the pouches click right onto a bottle and the pump? Seriously Mamas, no transfers needed! And in case you were concerned, you should know that the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Starter Set is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

I’m not sure how long our breastfeeding journey will last this time around, but this much I know: We aren’t ready to wean yet! For now, we’ll start the gentle introduction of breastmilk in a sippy cup. I know the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go System will help with this transition!

Who knows, maybe this Mama will be able to sneak in a date night!

The Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Starter Set is now available online only in Canada! For more information, check out the official Tommee Tippee website.

Pssst! For those Mamas who love a good deal or on a strict budget, The Pump and Go Starter Set will be on for 30% off from October 14th through the 21st!

*This post has been sponsored by Tommee Tippee, but as always, the words expressed are my own.*





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