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Unsuitable For Viewers of All Ages

Has anyone noticed that most television shows have recently become unsuitable for viewers of all ages? Take a second and think about the most popular programs on air right now. What comes to mind? Game of Thrones, Handmaids Tale, The Walking Dead, Homeland…

All of these programs are known for great acting, directing, and a captivating story line. It’s so fun getting lost in a great TV show, but what is up with the language, gore, and sex? I turned on a new show and within five minutes, a six year old girl said the f-word. I mean, really?

There was actually a time when actors couldn’t be filmed in the same bed together! That was considered inappropriate. Remember the days when FRIENDS was considered controversial?

viewer discretion is advised
unsuitable for viewers

I’m not crazy enough to think that we should go back to the 50’s, but I do wish we could find a happy medium. My husband and I are truly struggling to find decent shows to view together. Our standards may be higher than the average couple, but why is it so hard to make good, clean entertainment? Ten years age we didn’t have this problem.

I don’t need to hear the f-word ten times in thirty minutes. I don’t need to see every intimate detail of someone having sex (a closing door would get the message across just fine, thanks.) And is it really necessary to see someones head come rolling off during a battle scene?

I’m curious about why the standards have changed drastically. Have audiences become so bored that they now need require that shock value? Is our culture so perverse that we need pornography on our nightly screens? Is foul language so common that we can’t carry on a basic conversation without filling it with expletives? I mean, most people wouldn’t consider that appropriate at work, right? Why are we allowing it into our homes?

Unfortunately, I don’t things are going to get better. They’re only going to get worse. As long as millions of viewers tune in to watch these shows, they’ll continue to make them. I am genuinely concerned for the future of our kids and what they’re going to see as ‘normal’ when they’re older.

As for us, we’ll be over here watching reruns of sitcoms like ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and ‘Last Man Standing.’ That seems to be about the only decent thing left. I’m okay with ‘missing out’ on that kind of trash.

This won’t be a popular thought, but I challenge you to TURN OFF the show that your conscience is telling you not to watch. It’s only going to be considered acceptable as long as we continue to accept it.

In my opinion, TV has become unsuitable for viewers of all ages.


One frustrated Mom.




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