we decided to get chickens
Raising Little Humans

And Then We Decided To Get Chickens

… And then we decided to get chickens, because apparently three kids and two dogs wasn’t enough. Somebody smack me if I start talking about adding goats to the family.

Ever since we began dreaming up the idea of moving to a rural property, chickens were a part of the conversation. When you have the space, it just makes sense, right? They’re low maintenance and give you eggs. That’s about as easy as animal husbandry gets.

We felt that exposing our kids to animals at a young age was a wonderful way to grow up. Having them involved in the clean up and care is also a good lesson in responsibility.

Our First 24 Hours

we decided to get chickens
Hei Hei, Chickens 😉

Our poor pullets weren’t greeted with the kindest welcome. It was late in the day when we brought them home and it was absolutely pouring! Their first morning involved two dogs and three half naked children running to their coops and littering scaring the crap out of them. Chicken poop is bigger than I thought it was. Needless to say, they stayed indoors for a few hours after that.

At just nine weeks old, they won’t be laying for another couple months. Our first order of business is getting the dogs adjusted to their presence. Downie is fine with them but Riley is not impressed with their arrival. I’m also working on handling so that the kids can eventually hold them.

They say you should never name your food, but since they’ll be layers and not meat birds, they’ve got names. Asher and Noahs chickens are of the White Sussex breed. Their names are Sonic (I’ve nicknamed her Stupid Sonic, cause she’s kind of an idiot) and Peter. Our other two pullets are Production Reds and are named Boots (Ella) and Hei Hei.

How Many Chickens is too many Chickens?

Then we decided to get chickens!
“Here, chicky chicky chickies!”

We’re already regretting not getting more than four chickens. Mat has been busy at work and didn’t have time to build a coop from scratch, so this was the best we could do on short notice. Likely we’ll build a bigger one in the future and have a more layers and possibly meat birds.

The main thing that keeps me from expanding on the hobby farm idea is that we like to travel. There comes a time when it becomes too much for a house sitter (and to be honest, too much for me!)

For now, we’ll adjust to this tiny flock and continue to work on our dogs manners. I’ve got enough on my plate.






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