We’re Taking the Kids to Arizona

Cathedral Rock, Sedona.
Photo Credit: Visit Sedona

Taking the kids to Arizona wasn’t at the top of my travel priority list. Initially, we planned to do Hawaii or an Alaskan cruise this year, but things simply weren’t panning out cost wise. I knew The Grand Canyon was something my husband wanted to see, so when we found an amazing flight price to Vegas, we booked five seats!

We settled on seven nights for our trip. We figured that was plenty of time to drive over to Sedona and experience the highlights. Boy, was I wrong! Now I’m thinking we should have booked ten days. I had no idea there was so much to see and do!

Where Are You Staying?

Sedona is our home base, and it’s about a four hour drive from Vegas. We considered changing locations every two nights, but decided that didn’t have the vacation vibes we were going for. I wanted the opportunity to relax and have a home base. Plus, our kids are great drivers. They can easily handle a few hours in the car each day.

Anyone who has driven through Sedona talks about it’s stunning beauty. I want to wake up in the mornings and drink my coffee with a view of those red rocks, so we booked a two bedroom condo. Tons of space, a great pool, and only two hours away from The Grand Canyon.

What Will You Do?

Chapel of the Holy Cross
Photo Credit: Visit Sedona

We have lots of fun activities planned! We’ll be doing two visits to The Grand Canyon, one earlier in the day and another later. This way we can see the different views based on light and position of the sun. On the way we’ll stop in Williams, which is right along the historic Route 66. Definitely planning to get some cool photos there.

We’ll spend a day near Page, which isn’t far from Monument Valley, for a boat tour of Antelope Canyon and a snapshot of Horseshoe Bend Canyon. I wanted to do the walk inside the canyons, but our kids are too young for those tight spaces and it was very pricey.

We’re super excited to have booked a morning with Pink Jeep Tours, which will take us out into the rugged terrain of Sedona. This is an area we could never get to on our own, and I know it’ll make for great photos. We’ll also explore the local trails in the area, like Slide Rock Canyon, and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Besides that, we’ll enjoy the amenities at our condo. Previous years show an average temperature of 23 degrees at this time of year, which sounds perfect to us! I cannot wait for some heat!

No Regrets On This Decision

Taking the kids to Arizona has turned out to be something that we’re all really excited about, and it’s actually a pretty affordable trip for a family of five. As a family who frequents Disney and Cruise Ships, this is a really different kind of vacation for us. I think it’s going to be a incredible adventure!

Have you been? Is seeing the Grand Canyon on your life bucketlist?



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