Consider Mexico if you love culture!
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Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

Mexico takes a fair amount of flack in the news. Potential travelers worry about everything from high crime rates to food poisoning. And while these are things you should consider when heading to any foreign country, it doesn’t mean Mexico needs to be written off completely. In fact, I’d say the good far outweighs the bad. There are many reasons why Mexico should be your next family vacation

As we begin to plan our travel for 2019, Mexico is at the top of our list. The past few years have involved a lot of destinations within Canada and the United States. As my kids get older, I’d like to push the boundaries a little bit further.

Consider Mexico for the beaches!
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Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

1. It’s Affordable

When you compare Mexico to other sunny destinations, the cost is quite low. Many companies offer all-inclusive vacations with flight, and there are a ton of timeshare properties. You can get a place in the heart of a city, close to a cultural or historic landmark, or right on the beach. You get a lot for your money!

2. It’s Full of Culture

Consider Mexico if you love culture!
Why Mexico? The Culture. image provided by

As much as I love being somewhere without a language barrier and food that’s familiar, it’s important to step out of our comfort zone. I’m excited for my kids to be exposed to a different language and cuisine. They’ll see a new currency, marvel at colourful costumes and witness different traditions and celebrations.

3. They Have Amazing Pools

I have never seen swimming pools like the ones in Mexico. They take up acres of property, offering lazy rivers, splash pads, and dramatic drop-offs with picturesque views. Who doesn’t love a pool that goes on for miles?

4.  The Activities

Ever been in a cave? Consider Mexico for your vacation!
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Many Resorts in Mexico offer nightly shows and pool side activities. Some have kids club with trained staff and a games room with pool tables, Foosball, and table tennis. Getting bored on site? Head into town for some shopping or book a guided tour to swim in a Cenote. Depending on where you are within the country, you can also head to an ancient Mayan Civilization. How educational is that?

5. Your Schedule Is Your Own

Mexico is the ideal place to lay on the beach all day or sit by the pool. Your schedule is 100% whatever you want it to be. Whether you enjoy staying up late or staying in bed until noon, you can do that in Mexico. You don’t have to cook. You don’t have to clean. You can spend the day working on your tan with a drink in hand while the kids splash around in front of you.

If traveling to Mexico is something you’re worried about, I have a few suggestions for you.

Do your research or book through a travel agent. Use websites like TripAdvisor to get recent and honest reviews about the property you’re looking at. If a specific place is having issues such as crime or food poisoning, it’ll be on there.

Don’t rent a car. Many travel within the country in their own vehicle and have zero issues. We once had an experience where a gas station attendant tried to rip us off. Because we weren’t fluent in the language, it could have gone very badly. If you want to explore, go through a tour operator.

Consider Mexico for your next resort vacation
Why Mexico? The pools! image provided by

If you want to avoid a major party crowd or drunk tourist, look beyond the all-inclusive. Rent rooms with full kitchens on beautiful resort properties. Do a quick taxi ride to a local Walmart to grab breakfast foods and snacks. They’ll still have many restaurants on-site if you desire not to cook, but because the alcohol is a separate charge, tourist tend to keep themselves in check.

It’s easy to keep going back to the same place over and over, but sometimes we need to push ourselves and try something new. I’ve given you a few reasons why Mexico should be your next family vacation. So what’s stopping you?



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  • Nancy T

    We’re heading back to Mexico in the spring and we can’t wait! It will the first trip there for our 2 girls and we can’t wait to show them how beautiful Mexico is.

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