the idea of all year school

Why We ‘All Year School’ Our Kids

Ever heard of all year school? It’s the concept of continuing your child’s education throughout the year, as opposed to breaking for several weeks or months over the Summer and holidays.

I know there are a few districts out there that offer all year school, but not many. This is one of the benefits of homeschooling that we’re really thankful for. As the main educator for our children, we make the decision on when they take a break and for how long.

Why We Love All Year School

the idea of all year school
Admiring a bug in his hand. Definitely counts as schoolwork 😉

One of the reasons I love all year school, is because it’s less pressure on me and the kids. Each grade level has specific learning outcomes that must be met to graduate to the next level of learning. Instead of packing these items into nine months, we spread them out over twelve.

Because we are registered with a homeschool program, we don’t have access to our home teacher during the Summer months. Before she takes her vacation time, we set up the plan for next year, get our funding approved, and all our items ordered. As long as all goals have been met, my kids graduate to the next grade level around May/June, and begin the new grade in July. Technically, our school year goes from July to June, as opposed to September to June.

why we do all year school at our house
Snow day? Sure. We can have one of those. Or three.

All year school also gives us more flexibility. You may be wondering when my kids get breaks, since we don’t take the usual Summer Vacation. The answer? Whenever we want!

Sometimes we’re traveling, sometimes we’re sick, and sometimes we just don’t feel like doing school work. That’s okay! Our learning is done very naturally. One day may consist of three hours of book work and the next may involve cleaning the chicken coop, baking bread, and weeding the garden. It’s a lifestyle.

all year school benefits
“For today’s schoolwork, we’re going to bake double chocolate muffins!”

Another reason we love all year school is because the kids have time to follow their passions. By giving ourselves more time to meet the government standard learning outcomes, we worry less about stepping away from the required work. We can dedicate a week to studying landmarks around the world without being concerned that we left everything else on the sidelines. There’s lots of time to come back to that later!

The last reason we choose to do all year school, is so that our kids don’t get bored. I find that after a one week break from school, my kids are ready to get back to learning. At Christmas time I fully intended to give them two weeks, but as soon as New Years had passed, they were asking to dive back in. Another benefit of this is that they’re less likely to forget all the things they learned!

the concept of doing all year school

The exception to this boredom is when we’re traveling. Obviously, my kids don’t get bored on the road. At the same time, I don’t really consider traveling a break from school. They’re learning so many other things while we’re away, like how to navigate airports, say hello in a different language, or understand a cultural difference.

These are just a few reasons we love all year school. What do you think of the concept? Do you love having your kids off for those few weeks or months during the year? Or could you get on board with the idea of all year school?



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